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what we do

What we do

The three faces of Elsa

Online elsa patient files

Online Patient Files

Elsa Online Files is our revolutionary system of storing patient files on the cloud and having the available at an instant from any hospital or other healthcare facilities. With this, doctors can access more accurate patient histories.

Elsa Disease Diagnosis

Disease Diagnosis

Powered by Mary©, our advanced AI, Elsa can learn from and understand the vast data contained in the patient files and use that understanding to help doctors with making a diagnosis, and governments in preventing epidemics.

Elsa Hardware Technology

Elsa Technology

We are heavily invested in research and development with a special focus on connected hardware technologies. We are developing hospital equipment as well as patient wearable devices that follow you wherever you are to keep you healthy!

Let's make a healthier Africa.

About Us

Know More About Us

We are determined to use technology and artificial intelligence to save African lives.
With Elsa, we are expanding on new ways to save and also prevent diseases in Africa for Africans. We are leveraging technological advancements to better and widen our research facilities and also taking Africa as a continent to a better place. Elsa will be able to detect, and also suggest a cure to save African lives, using technology we'll be able to save more lives and detect diseases early enough to be treated before its too late. Elsa will save lives of children and adults all across our beautiful continent for a better tomorrow. Imagine a future where our children run free not restricted by disabilitiies or random diseases that should not have an advantage over our lives. This is where we bring to you Elsa, technology for life...


Why register for Elsa Patient Files?

  • Easy accessibility of files

    Now your doctors can all access the same file without inconsistent histories.

  • Full access to your own medical file.

    You can now access your own medical file online to check any recent prescriptions and test results.

  • Better understanding of your health.

    Our machine learning algorithms will help you better understand your health by giving you suggestions and tips.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I register for Elsa?

    Elsa has multiple levels of registration including patients, doctors, pharmacists, lab technicians and more. To register yourself as a patient, please visit your local health facilities that are registered with Elsa, and they can register you. If you are a doctor or personnel in the health industry, consult your administration about registration procedures.

  • How will Elsa better our lives?

    Elsa will make inconsistent patient histories a history! With Elsa Patient Files, these files will be available online at an instant, and across hospitals and healthcare facilities. Doctors can now get the full history of their patients and provide better a diagnosis. With all this data, our Machine Learning algorithms (made public soon), can now learn from this data and aid doctors by providing them with options and suggest diagnosis.

  • How will Elsa predict diseases?

    Predicting diseases by suggesting a diagnosis is one of Elsa's strong points. Powered by Mary©, Inspired Ideas's AI system, Elsa can take vast amounts of data and learn from it, and make connections between multiple things. Using this newly acquired knowledge, we can empower our doctors to make the correct decisions and ultimately help our government make informed preventative decisions.

  • How can I help?

    You can be helpful in a multitude of ways. We accept help in the form of a hug, a hello email, suggestions, and even donations. We greatly appreciate critisism and improvement suggestions because our ultimate goal is to reach even the average person and make a difference in their lives.

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